Gentrye Houghton sees the world one frame at a time, whether through black and white, full color or anything in between.

While growing up in Amarillo, Texas, She received her first camera at a young age and graduated to her first SLR in middle school.  Her first serious introduction to photography came from her grandfather as he told her stories about exposing film in different situations he came across in his life.

After graduating from Oklahoma State University with a degree in journalism, Gentrye fused her interests by taking a job with a magazine that focused their content on American Saddlebred horses.  Through these experiences, Gentrye reported on events and learned to quickly capture moments she witnessed before they passed her by.

After a few years, Gentrye returned to her hometown to begin pursuing another interest.  Climbing became an important part of  her life as it presented challenges that were not only physical, but mental and artistic as well.  Through this interest many opportunities have arisen, such as owning and operating Amarillo Rock Climbing House, and her desire to deepen her education in photography.

Gentrye has participated in the Amarillo photography show, called “15 & One:  A Photographers Challenge;” each show presents a different challenge for the 15 photographers.  Gentrye has participated in their inaugural show as well as their second.  She is on the planning committee for the “15 & One” shows, which have been highlighted by KACV’s Art Zone, a show produced by Amarillo’s PBS affiliate; Amarillo Style Magazine, as well as the local media, such as Amarillo Globe News and KVII News Channel 7.

Last year, she brought a little of Amarillo to climbing photography by incorporating the Cadillac Ranch, and her photographs were picked up by an international climbing company, Three Ball Climbing.

Today, Gentrye continually challenges her creativity and photographic knowledge through free lance commercial photography.